Anette Hegner

Managing Director, Partner, EPA

Telefon: +45 4346 3010

Mobil: +45 4346 3010

Anette Hegner is an experienced European Patent and Design Attorney with focus on the strategic and business-oriented aspect of IPR. Anette has been involved in licensing as well as shaping and implementing IP strategies for several clients and she has extensive knowledge of patent law and practice in Europe, USA and Japan. Anette has a proven track record in dealing with Oppositions and Appeals before the European Patent Office, and she also has considerable experience performing due diligence and negotiating deals involving IPR, including NDA, license and cooperation agreements.

Anette works within a wide range of technically diverse areas comprising biotech, organic, inorganic and technical chemistry, mechanical engineering, optics, and physics. Furthermore, she is actively involved in the development of patent legislation and practice in Europe; both in her capacity of Vice president of the EPPC (European Patent Practice Committee) under the EPI Council and as chair of the EPPC Guidelines Group, working to revise the Examiners’ Guidelines.

Anette Hegner